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‘Urban Glam’ at Ambient Plus Studio Wedding

‘Urban glam’–the perfect term to describe Atlanta natives Laronda and Michael Ambient Plus Studio Wedding. She was beautifully glamorous in her fully beaded sweetheart Fit and Flare wedding gown in blush gold by Allure. Her head was crowned with a custom-made Swarvoski crystal piece. She fought back the tears as she slowly made her way into the cavernous event space for her wedding. Clutching her dad’s arm for support she carefully  planted each foot, strapped Christian Louboutin Mariniere Silver and Gold scrappy Sandal.

The brides silver and gold christian louboutin in the foreground while the lovely gown hangs in the background

wedding party gifts, bride wedding flip flops marked bride on the inside

The makeup artist worked her magic, lovely winged eyeliner and mascaraed eyelashes that enhance the eye features of the bride on her wedding day.

A lovely headshot of the bride with her wavy curls pulled back in an elegant up do. In this sepia toned capture of the bride she is beaming with confidence.

The bride posing gorgeously up against the doors of her hotel suite in her stunning sweet heart fit and flared beaded bridal gown. in Blush Gold by Allure Her expression reads I'm ready.

The bride stares out of her limousine with great expectation and joyous anticipation of the moment that is ahead, as she head to her wedding ceremony.

The groom laces up his metallic gold and white Top Ten High Sleek Heel Adidas sneakers. This is his casual side and an shout out to his youth and hipness.

Event planner pins a boutonniere unto the jacket of a groom’s men, in dressed in a tieless buttoned down shirt sporting a pocket square.

The groom sits in a red leather sofa while his frat brothers strikes a very manly pose behind him. The groom is ready for his day seated on a red leather sectional while his groomsmen, frat brothers stand behind him arms folded as if saying we got your back.

The enchanting wedding event space where the bride and groom will declare their love for each other and exchange vows vows. The space is decorated with silver chiavari chairs and sheer curtains forms a backdrop at the ceremony area.

The wedding program with very stylish gold and black calligraphy

The bride and groom at the alter where they will exchange wedding vows and declare the love before God and man.

The friendly Paparazzi amongst the guests are ready capture the moment with their digital devices.

The wedding officiate holds the wedding rings in the palm of her hands and blesses them

Bride's Father witnessing his daughter's union during the wedding ceremony

The bride smiles all teary eyed as she listens to her groom vow his love to her during their wedding ceremony at Atlanta Ambient Plus Studio

The attentive groom stares lovingly into the eyes of his bride as she promises for better or worse, with his groomsmen at his back.

The bride at the alter smiling and emotional as the groom prepares to place the ring on her finger

“you may kiss your bride” the grooms holds his bride with great joy and relief at the fact that she is finally officially his forever as they share the first kiss as husband and wife.

The ladies wedding party adorned in their metallic grey and and men in their black tieless suits with white shirts and Adidas high tops, strike a pose surrounded by a red brick wall on three side.

The room was bathe in lots of natural light from the 10 foot windows wrapping around two sides of the room. Silver chiavari chairs with white cushions was separated by a wide aisle bounded with white hydrangea topped mirror vases. We ask the groom what were his thoughts when he saw his bride and he said. “I saw happiness physically manifested. Happiness is usually the result of something intangible she made me think that I can actually touch with my hands.” Say no more.

Hiphop Cello and an homage to groom’s Philadelphia roots

Our photographers captured some beautiful images on the streets as guests guests enjoyed mini Philadelphia cheese steaks and soft pretzels. A Hip Hop Cello player provided music for the guests. The bride and groom entered their wedding reception as their assembled guests applauded and cheered. The song of choice for first dance was John Legend’s ‘All of me’.

The brides southern roots was reflected in the dinner menu. It consisted of southern fried chicken and waffles, blackened tilapia, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes. Kale, turnip greens, summer salad, pasta salad, cornbread muffins, wedding cake for dessert. After cake cutting the couple and their guests spent hours on the dance floor celebrating. DJ ADS mix of R&Bl HIpHop, and New Jack Swing was perfect. A few days later our newly weds were enjoying Mykonos in Greece. I am certain there were thoughts of that first date after a college football game so many years ago.

Wedding photography review

In reviewing our service Laronda wrote. “I would recommend Jaxon because he is a “First Class” vendor. He gives all of his attention and talent to ensure the bride and groom have an amazing experience and photographs to cherish for a lifetime.”

Facility – Ambient Plus Studio, Flowers – Ciao Bella Weddings, Caterers – Blacktie Catering, Event Planner – Nikki Robinson. To view Laronda and  Michael’s beautiful engagement portrait session on the streets of Atlanta click here.

The lovely bride with her splendid white orchid bouquet and her ladies in waiting

The groom and his groomsmen pose on the floor flaunting their gold and white Adidas high-top sneakers. As casual as it gets, the men sporting black suits with white tieless shirts and a pocket square.

A lovely silhouette of the bride and groom with the white orchid bouquet as a focal point. The with their backs together are beautifully silhouetted with the natural slight streaming thru the window behind them.

The groom leans in to smooch his lovely bride upon her cheek, as they both lean against the huge doors with the Ambient Plus Studio logo behind them.

bride twirling happily in her wedding gown in front of a vibrant red graffiti wall on the streets outside the Ambient Plus Studio

Bride and groom poses with such grace and poise against a wall of graffiti in this sepia toned photograph from their wedding day

The outside red bricked walls and slightly narrow glass windows of Southern Mills Building, home of Ambient Plus Studio in Atlanta GA

A close up photograph of the stylish wedding reception menu set upon at silver charger with a single lovely white orchid placed upon it.

A very elegant silver white reception dinner setting with shimmery silver table cloths and vases of orchids and lovely white floral presentations, with white napkins on silver chargers

The dinner table from an angle that highlights the lovely white floral ensemble that comprises of orchids, roses, hydrangeas, tulips and calla lilies

The silver white table setting with water glasses, stemmed juice goblets, an elegant display of white flora set in lovely glass vases

A circular reception table with a bouquet of hydrangeas for the center piece surrounded by silver charger plates, beverage glasses, silverware and silver chiavari chairs with white seat cushions

The lovely round dinner table with white orchids in a tall vase of water, hydrangeas, roses and calla lilies is shorter vases, floating candles in glass tubes filled with water, silver charger plates and silverware.

A gorgeous silver fondue cake with a squared base, three round upper layers with a very stylish G on the top and beautiful silver flowers cascading down the side of the cake.

The guests applauds as the newly married couple make a grand entrance to their wedding reception, to celebrate and party with friends and family

the happy face of the groom seated at the table his reflection in the tube glass vase filled with orchids. His reaction to the best mans toast was captured beautifully.

The lovely and ecstatic face of the bride seated at the reception head table, reacting to the maid of honor's wedding toast during her wedding reception.

A beautiful soft black and white facial shot of the charming bride listening intently as the father of the bride gives his speech at her wedding reception. This high key photograph also captures her custom made Swarvoski Crystal headpiece.

In this sepia toned photograph taken during the wedding reception, the groom and his best man hugs after a hilarious toast.

As the formalities came to a close the wedding party and the guests took to the dance floor to get down, and boy was it ever celebration.

The bride and groom's tender first dance as wedding party and guests capture the moment with their digital cameras and cellphones.

The bride and groom stare intensely and adoringly into each other’s eyes, in this sepia toned image of them on the streets outside their event space.

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