Atlantic Station Engagement | Lauren & Tory

Atlantic Station Engagement Session | Lauren and Tory’s paths had crossed many times before and somehow she had never noticed him. But in January of 2012 he decided to make certain she took notice, so he mustered the courage to invite her out and she said yes. Fast-forward a few years later to Lauren’s birthday at the end of a night of celebration with family and friends. A nervous Tory went to his reservoir of courage one more time. This time on bended knee he asked a question with a lot more on the line and again got the answer he wanted and she thought he deserved.

We are fortunate to have been chosen by Lauren and Tory to chronicle the details of their wedding day in pictures this spring in Atlanta. In the mean time here are some images from their engagement photography session at Atlantic Station in Atlanta. To see more images from Atlantic Station click here. Congratulations Lauren and Tory we look forward to capturing your story.
The lovely couple poses under a streetlight in Atlantic Station
The handsome fiancé is held lovingly from behind by his beautiful fiancée
The lovely Couple holding each other endearingly while gazing at the camera
The lovely affianced couple strolls hand in hand down the side walk
Atlantic Station Engagement pictures 2
Atlantic Station Engagement pictures 02
Nuzzling against the rails with the fountain in the background
The fiancé sits with his elbows on his knees while smiling at the camera
Atlantic Station Engagement pictures 04a
Atlantic Station Engagement pictures 05
Atlantic Station Engagement pictures 06
The adoration this couple has for each other is clearly displayed
Atlantic Station Engagement pictures 08

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