Atlanta Engagement Photography | Courtney & Justin

Courtney and a very quiet Justin met us at our studio for their engagement photography session; we drove 3 minutes away to Edgewood Avenue where the session began and ended up in downtown at Woodruff Park. No sooner than we could say “action”, he warmed up to his beautiful fiancée, their steamy tango produce these romantic images. They will be exchanging wedding vows this winter and we are delighted that they choose us to capture their wedding story.

Engagement session in Woodruff Park in downtown AtlantaCouple embrace along peachtree st next to woodruff park in ATlantaA b&w photo of a tender embrace during their engagement sessionB&W portrait of African American young woman at Woodruff Park in AtlantaB&W portrait of African American Male at Woodruff park in AtlantaAfrican American couple wrapped in each others arms during engagement session

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  1. Courtney Davis

    Jaxon you are an exceptional photographer. You did a great job at our photo shoot. We felt very comfortable and confident with the outcome of our day. It was thoroughly an enjoyable moment. Thank you

  2. Keely Watts

    I am so excited for my Soror!!! You are a lovely couple!!! Congrats!!!!

  3. Crystal


  4. Adreane Ellington

    The pictures were amazing! They (Courtney & Justin) look so soft to the point their love jumps off the photo at you. I will keep you all in mind for future references & referrals for my “future king” that I am sure is in the making! KEEP UP THE FABULOUS WORK! -Adreane

  5. P W Davis

    Beautiful. Unforgettable as denoted in you logo.

  6. Jill

    Beautiful pics…Congratulations Courtney & Justin! All the BEST to you.

  7. Breggie James

    Congratulations! Such a beautiful couple. Courtney, you are truly gorgeous and your fiancee is very handsome. I wish you two the best that life has to offer. Happy wedding planning …..

  8. Donald Black

    Spectacular photography! Your work speaks for itself. I’m prejudiced because I’m related to the beautiful bride to be!

  9. Donnie Gayle Burt

    The photos are absolutely gorgeous. I am happy for you Courtney, the two of you look so happy together and the photos tell the story. Courtney you are beautiful and Justin you are a handsome young man. Congratulations to both of you and best wishes forever.

  10. Margaret Matkins

    Congratulations. You are a beautiful couple.

  11. Tracy Taylor

    The warm felt loves is really expressed in these photos. If anyone didn’t believe in your love they will now. And these oictures look as though they are telling a story………Beautiful pics Courtney and Wonderful job Jaxon……….

  12. Stephanie Byrd

    Beautiful pictures.

  13. Cheryl J.

    Absolutely breathtaking! The photographer definitely caught the love between you both. Congrats!

  14. Nicole

    I am extremely happy for the both of you. You two look great together.

  15. Shelley

    Congratulations Courtney to you and your fiancé . The pictures are simply beautiful !!

  16. Ronda Smith

    Congratulations Courtney & Justin. The pictures are exceptional!!! Great photography — will definitely keep in mind Jaxon Wedding Photography for any future needs.

  17. Tuere

    You’ve always taken beautiful pics; however, there’s a didn’t glow about you this time, and it has Justin written all over it…..girl I’m giggling with you….and praising Good for your blessing!!!!

  18. Ms.E

    Simply gorgeous and pure!!!!!! I love you two to pieces!!!! Fabulous!!! Yaaaas!!!!

  19. LR Jackson

    Thank you Courtney, you guys make a great pair photographers love you.

  20. LR Jackson

    Thank you!!!

  21. LR Jackson

    Thanks Donald, she is easy on the eyes.

  22. vikki carr


  23. monica

    Love it

  24. Nikki V.I.P.

    congratulations to you both the pictures are absolutely beautiful looking forward to your special day

  25. Marcia

    Hi LJ….

    Great Job! Lovely Photos…Trying to reach you. Give CJ or
    myself a shout out. Our wedding is set for May 30th.. You
    have to come…LOL

  26. tajuane tracy weaver

    Beautifully,humbly pics.I am so happy for you Justin that you have found your soul mate. May our Heavenly Father bless this Union forever and always.

  27. Janet Weathers

    This is the picture of love.
    Wishing you all the best

  28. Brick

    Beautiful photos of 2 beautiful people!
    I love it!!
    Wishing you two nothing but the best!

  29. Marshae Fields

    Absolutely beautiful! Congrats soror!

  30. Cynthia Lewis-Webb

    Congratulations! Beautiful pictures! You two make a handsome couple! I wish you the best and many years of happiness.

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