Atlantic Station Romantic Engagement Session

Atlantic Station Romantic Engagement Session

Couple dressed in evening wear on the 17th Street Bridge in Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station Atlanta | Gerrard and June’s engagement was clearly planned in heaven; but fate was not going to make it easy for them. The couple commiserated with each other when they met during the Georgia Bar Exam where they both experienced a computer crash during the exam. Gerrard was attracted to June from the moment they met and he gave her his phone number. June, distracted after the ordeal of the taking the bar, inadvertently threw the number away with the rest of the material from her exam.

That could easily have been the end of the story. June certainly thought it was. How could she possibly expect to find him again in Atlanta, a city of over 400,000 people? But this part of their story was already written. On Easter Sunday June decided to attend Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church and who should she see sitting in the congregation but Gerrard. She approached him shyly after mass and explained her mistake. They began dating and the rest is history. Last Christmas, Gerrard went down on one knee and declared his love for June in front of both of their families.

With a start like that, everything had to be perfect. Gerrard and June chose us to photograph their Atlanta wedding because the photos they saw at other events were “amazing”. June commented that Jaxon “seemed more like a friend would be sharing our special day with us than a hired vendor.”

On a very cool winter evening a month ago, we met at Atlantic Station in Atlanta for their engagement portraits, they ended the evening at The Grape Wine Bar and Bistro. I will let you be the judge as to how well these two attorneys did. Next fall June and Gerrard will exchange wedding vows in the presence of their family and friends, and I am looking forward to capture that part of their story. Here are some of our favorite photographs from their Atlantic Station engagement photography session.

Couple on 17th st bridge midtown Atlanta skyline as backdrop

Sepia image of couple on 17th street bridge with the midtown atlanta skyline in background

couple walking along 17th street in Atlantic Station

A romantic embrace couple in all black evening woman's outfit highligred with a red belt

Couple in a restauran enjoying wine , photograph shot from outside

A close up of woman's engagement ring as she holds mans lapel

couple relaxes at Atlantic Station

Atlanta Wedding and engagement photography

Piedmont Park engagement

Atlantic Station Engagement Session

Atlantic Station Engagement Session

Atlantic Station Engagement Session

Atlantic Station Engagement Session

Atlantic Station Engagement Session

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    They were a delight to work with.

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    Might need to swing by to get some work done… Great presentation:-)

  3. Cecelia L. King

    Beautiful couple and outstanding photography;can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

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