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Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding | Gina & Chris

Parisian themed Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding

The couple’s Biltmore Ballrooms wedding in Atlanta happened at the end of our story, so let’s start where it all began. Some may call it kismet or fate. I’m going to call it serendipity. Somewhere in the cosmos the stars of the universe aligned bringing these two beautiful spirits together, creating something simply magical. Our couple unexpectedly, met while both were picking up take out at a restaurant. After convincing her to stay a little longer to continue their conversation, that one conversation turned to many more.

The stunning dramatic mermaid styled bridal gown and two pairs of bridal shoes at the Georgian Terrace
The men sitting in a room with tall wooden bookcases filled with books at Peachtree Christian Church in Atlanta
The beautiful bridal shoes with rhinestones on the platform and the peep toe area adorned with feathers
The beautiful bridal shoes with rhinestones on the platform and the peep toe area adorned with feathers
Sepia photo of Bride on Spiral Stair Case at Georgian Terrace Hotel
The beautiful bride leaning against a white balcony looking very poised and beautiful in her stunning gown adorned with rhinestones at the bust and left hip
bride under the Chandelier in The Livingston Restaurant at the Georgian Terrace hotel
Inside the cathedral with the aisle paved in maroon carpet, side tall light blue stained glass windows and an arched roof with darker blue stained glass windows
The bride and escorted down the aisle lighted by candles for her wedding ceremony at Peachtree Christian Church in Atlanta
The groom kissing his beautiful bride, in the aisle, with her cathedral veil flowing elegantly behind her
The happy bride holds her husband’s hand outside the doors of the PeachTree Christian Church
The handsome couple smooches each other with the Peach Tree Christian Church Tower in the background
A b&W of couple, smiling with excitement and her groom kissing her forehead in sheer adoration, in the backseat of the vintage rolls royce.
The grand Georgian ballroom at the Biltmore Ballrooms with a dazzling hanging crystal chandelier, floor to ceiling columns and estate style dining table with white flowers cascading down the side.
Estate dining table where the bride and groom are hosted in splendor for Biltmore Hotel Reception

gold Chiavari chairs with fabric tie and gold broach
One of the dining chairs decorated with a white cloth wrapped around it and fastened by a round gold Broach
Wedding Invite Light parchment paper accentuated with pearls gold and rhinestones
The lovely fanned out wedding ceremony program styled with beautiful gold calligraphy and held together by gold and white ribbons
Diamond halo bridal ring set and groom’s ring
The bride and groom leans against a silver vintage model sedan outside of the Georgian Terrace Hotel, next to vintage Rolls Royce

The wedding guests feasting and having a good time during the reception in the Georgian Ballroom at The Biltmore ATlanta
Cutting the 5 tiered wedding cake at the Biltmore Ballrooms Atlanta
Groom and Frat Brothers sing the sweet heart song at the wedding reception
Bride prepare to throw the bouquet as the ladies gather behind her
Georgian ballroom where the wedding party dines beneath dazzling crystal chandeliers in old world splendorThe bride stepping up to her husbands who stands on the base of a street light in the gardens at Biltmore ballroomsThe bride and groom dancing along with some of their wedding guests

The kindred spirits eventually came to share more than just take out. They found themselves sharing I Do’s and a life of love and happiness. They both prepared for the big day at Atlanta’s Georgian Terrace Hotel.

Enamored by its architectural beauty of its sanctuary, the wed at Peachtree Christian Church a midtown Atlanta landmark. As her eldest brother walked her down the aisle, in her astonishing Ian Stuart gown, Gina absolutely glowed. Her parents weren’t there physically, butGina knows they were smiling down from above and could feel their love covering her on this momentous day. As she approached the altar and looked into her sister’s eyes, she could see her beloved mother looking back at her in approval and joy.

The reception was held at the Biltmore Ballrooms Georgian Room, where the artistry of the walls and ceiling coincided perfectly with Gina and Chris’ Parisian theme. During cocktail hour Gina’s nephew’s son masterfully wowed the guests with his rendition of O’Perfect Love on his viola. A saxophonist continued to serenade the guests with melodic tunes throughout the evening. The estate table adorned with white, purple and green flower bouquets and lighted candle sticks running down the middle and cascading over the side was the focal point of this grand Ballroom at the Biltmore Ballrooms.

I love the love that these two share. It is pure and genuine, and can be felt by everyone in the room. It was such a pleasure being a part of their day and capturing their story.

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