17 thoughts on “New York City Engagement | Kathy & Larry

  1. When I see Kathy & Larry together, I automatically start smiling. You can see the spark in Larry’s eyes when he looks at Kathy as she smiles from ear to ear.

  2. I LOVE THESE PICS!!! U already know they are FIYAH! Ya’ll make me wanna get married just to take some pics LOL.

  3. Kath, Larry. I absolutely love the pics! YOu two make a beautiful couple and I know you guys will ride this union together forever. LOVE you! You got my vote on this one.

  4. Inspirational photos!!! You see the connection in each photo. It tells a story of companionship! Cheers to the happy couple!

  5. These pics are so honest and refreshing!! True Love, friendship and partnership are captured in these pics!! Larry and Kathy you two are a dynamic duo. I love these pics!!! Great job Jaxon!!

  6. Aww these photos are everything that you both are – beautiful, fun and full of love! #TeamKat&Blinks

  7. What God has joined together, let no one put asunder…A couple that I love and pray for….just good people!

  8. These gorgeous pics have captured the priceless love that you both share with one another. The various iconic scenes truely represent your roots and your personalities. Couldn’t find a couple more fit for each other. Love you both!

  9. These photos are simply stunning.. They tell a beautiful love story. I wish you both nothing but joy& happiness in your union.

  10. I love those two❤they are awesome I love all the pics.so proud to be a part of this!!!

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