Piedmont Park Engagement Pictures

Piedmont Park | La’Monica & Lateef Engagement Session

La’Monica and Lateef couldn’t take their eyes off of each other when they were introduced by a mutual friend at dinner at an Atlanta restaurant. Lateef called La’Monica that same night and they talked on the phone for hours. A whirlwind courtship followed with many dates and the introduction of their families. La’Monica was particularly impressed with the relationship that Lateef had with his mother. She commented, “A man who lover and respects his mother will love and respect his wife!”

On Christmas morning 2010, he handed her a teddy bear with a gift bag hanging from her neck. La’Monica accepted the present enthusiastically, expecting diamonds … diamond earrings. When she opened the box and found the engagement ring, she screamed. The whole family came running and witnessed Lateef getting down on one knee to ask for the honor of La’Monica’s hand in marriage.

In a few months we will join them at Smoke Rise Country Club to celebrate as they exchange their vows. Here are some of our favorite of their Piedmont Park engagement pictures.

Piedmont Park Engagement Session

Piedmont Park Engagement Session

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  1. Canika

    I love the session with La’Monica and Lateef! Beautiful!

  2. Tonya Hardy

    Beautiful photos!

  3. Allison Preyear

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! These pictures capture the love in their eyes!!!

  4. Rawlo

    Congrad both of you .. I wish you the best and continue love ..


  5. Ebonye'

    Beautiful work for a beautiful couple!

  6. Leon Jr.

    Proud of ya bro. Love the photos. Wishing you the best and will keep you all in my prayers.

  7. Antoniee Mann

    You guys look beautiful and and I love the way the photagrapher captured the love that the two of you share. Great work.

  8. Gloria Jean

    You guys make a beautiful couple.

  9. Barbara J.

    La Monica and Lateef,

    You two look so happy! I know you will share a wonderful life!

  10. Margaret

    Lovely pictures!!

  11. angela nash

    the pictures are awesome and they capture the essence of their affections for each other.

    Go lamonica!!!!!!

  12. Aris Pitts

    Nice! Love the photography!

  13. Nancy Jean

    Ah sweet love. You are a beautiful couple.

  14. Mary

    Such beautiful photos!

  15. Sharon

    What a beautiful couple!! I love the photos and the gorgeous settings.

  16. Syrena

    You two make a wondeful couple…well done!


  17. Joey Nielsen

    You guys look beautiful and make a great couple and I love the photos. Wish you guys the best.

  18. Gloria McG.

    You are beautiful Ms. Nettles! Congradulations!

  19. Luke Mooney


  20. Brianna Lamar

    These are really pretty pictures. =)

  21. Eleanor W.

    Oh my goodness! You all are so sweet! I love the photos. You look beautiful together, and I know you’ll be so happy! Congratulations!

  22. Gisell H.

    I love your pictures so much…you guys are the picture perfect couple. Mrs. Nettles you look VERY pretty…congratulations!!!!!

  23. Brea Childs

    omg!!! I showed my mom, she and I think these are fabulous pictures. Awesome Photography!!!!!

  24. Tara

    Girl, I am so happy for you! You guys look amazing! I can’t wait until your big day! I’m just super excited! Be blessed Soror!!!!!

  25. Dior Brown

    Love the pic’s u both look so happy.

  26. jadiordior



    Love the pics congratulations.

  28. Brenda Casey

    The pictures are awesome. Just beautiful.

  29. Sakinnah Carney

    Wow! Not only are you two beautiful as a couple but I can also see the love in you both. It’s so exciting to see two people in love and happy. We never know where our journey(s) takes us but it never fails us. Congratulations to the both of you and La’Monica it is a true pleasure welcoming you into our family. Love you both and keep spreading the love.

  30. Rochelle Diah Nanton

    You guys look amazing! Love the photos. Congratulations!

  31. Whitney Smith

    Congratulations Ms. Nettles.Your pictures look fabulous and I wish you the best.

  32. Vivi C

    What a perfect couple! 🙂

  33. Mary Fonseca

    The pictures were beautiful!! Wish you two the best of luck!!

  34. camille dickerson

    Mrs.Nettles you are so beautiful!!!!!! I’m so happy for you!!! Wonderful pics!!! 🙂

  35. Juliet M.

    Y’all are not star crossed lovers… like me and my Romeo :)y’all are meant to be :DYall are sooo happy… congrats!!!

  36. Johnnie U.

    Congrats!!! The pictures are really beautiful you guys look so happy!!!!!

  37. Veronica Nettles-Stewart

    Not only are the photos beautiful but the two of you are also. Lateef we welcome you into our family. Very proud of you little sister. YOU BOTH DID A GREAT JOB IN WAITING FOR A LIFE LONG MATE.

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