Marietta Square Engagement Session | Lindsay & Brandon

Marietta Square Engagement Session | For their engagement photography session, the US Air Force EOD Specialist and his bride to be attorney met us in Marietta. We had been working on the details for the session for a while and it all came together here with some absolutely beautiful photographs of Lindsay and Brandon. From Glover Park on Marietta Square to the Aviation Wing of Marietta Museum of History this couple was always ready for their close-up because they never stopped. Love at first sight started at a cousins home eight years prior, and then a proposal at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. I will let Lindsay pick it up from here. “I arrived to the airport early so that I could be there when he got off escalator. Brandon took a very long time to get the escalator and we went directly to baggage claim. While standing there, I wondered if his bag had already been removed from the turnstile. As I asked Brandon this question, he placed my hand on his heart. I was shocked by how fast his heart was beating and wondered if he needed assistance. He then dropped to his knee but not before I asked him, “Really??!! Right here . . .” He responded, “YES!” He dropped down and asked me for my hand in marriage. I said yes and then he opened the box. Onlookers expressed shock and applauded. A childhood friend of mine happened to be at the same turnstile; she came over to see who this brave soul was to ask for my hand in marriage in such a public setting. ”  Yes it was the man with confidence of a Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Specialist for the US Air Force. He went down one knee and walked away with the girl, his heart did beat faster this time around. We will capture the next act of this story later this spring when we photograph their wedding in Atlanta. The guides at the Aviation Wing at the Marietta Museum of History were very helpful, thanks guys. Also congrats to Lindsay and Brandon and awesome couple and thanks for choosing us to be such an integral part of your story.She steals a kiss while sitting at the water fountain during their Marietta Square engagement session (more…)

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