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Engaged couple with ties to the US Air Force being photographed during the engagement photography session at the Marietta Museum of History Aviation Wing with military jets, airplanes, fighters.
The Marietta Aviation Museum is a part of the Marietta Museum of History and features a variety of civilian and military aircraft from the latter half of the twentieth century. The 15+ acre park also features several examples of aircraft that were produced right here in Marietta. The first aircraft produced in Marietta were produced in the early ’40s by Bell Aircraft. Aircraft production continued to grow with Lockheed Martin from the 1950s to present.

Marietta Square Engagement Session | Lindsay & Brandon

Marietta Square Engagement Session | For their engagement photography session, the US Air Force EOD Specialist and his bride to be attorney met us in Marietta. We had been working on the details for the session for a while and it all came together here with some absolutely beautiful photographs of Lindsay and Brandon. From Glover…

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