Five Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Photographer

Brides dress graces the lobby of Atlanta Airport Marriott, details, one of the five mistakes to avoidHere are Five mistakes to avoid for worry-free photography on your wedding day

Of course, you want to look fabulous, so a fancy dress, shoes, hair, makeup, and jewelry are a must. You must make a good impression; hence the grand ballroom with good food, drinks, exotic flowers, and the list goes on and on.  After your wedding day, you may never visit that ballroom again, the food has been consumed, the flowers have wilted, and the dress is in storage or on eBay. The one thing that keeps on giving, again and again, is those pictures.  And all too often the process of choosing your professional wedding photographer is an afterthought.  Here are five mistakes to avoid when selecting your professional wedding photographer.

#1: Not requesting testimonials/reference
Check out the independent review sites like and Google Plus pages for reviews. Find out what the customer says about the photographer you are about to hire.  If they did not enjoy their experience chances are neither would you.

#2: Choosing one photographer with no associate.

I think it is difficult at best for one photographer to effectively photo an average sized wedding. If your goal is to capture the essence of your day, too much is missed with having only one photographer.

#3: I’m not sold on the person/demeanor, but I like their pictures.

You will be up close and personal with this person on one of the most important days of your life. Depending on when you retain the photographer that’s a relationship that could last a year or longer. Need I say more?Sepia toned image of brides shoes

#4: Price is the primary determining factor.

Price and the perceived value are essential for most brides. However, a deal is only a deal if you are getting the value for what you thought you paid.  There are no do over’s for a wedding day, and unfortunately, many couples realize the importance of their wedding photography only when it’s too late.  The memory of your wedding day will be shaped in large part by the story your photographer captures.

#5: Not designing a comprehensive wedding day plan with their photographer.
A strategy session with your photographer is crucial; unfortunately, most couples decide to leave it up to the photographer. Beautiful images that you don’t connect with emotionally may just as well be pictures of strangers. Having your vision helps the photographer to make that emotional connection.
These are five mistakes to avoid, so you may happily relive your wedding day time and again.

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