Georgian Terrace Engagement | Traci & LeVonn

Traci & LeVonn’s Georgian Terrace romantic photos

The elegant Georgian Terrace Hotel in midtown Atlanta was the location of choice for Traci and LeVonn’s romantic engagement photography session. After a little nervousness the beautiful young couple got lost in each other and gave us these beautiful timeless images. The first image in this collect was taken on the roof  with the beautiful midtown Atlanta skyline as a backdrop is one of my favorite images.  We enjoyed their engagement session and look forward to their spring wedding. Thanks for choosing us to be such an integral part of your day.

A sepia portrait of a cozy couple on the rooftop of Georgian Terrace with the midtown Atlanta skyline as a backdrop
Engagement pictures at Georgian terrace hotel Atlanta

Engagement Portraits at Georgian Terrace Hotel Atlanta

Neatly clad male on the stairs of Georgian Terrace during their engagement session

The lovely couple expressing their deep and sincere affection for each other

We all have than one person we know we can lean on

A playful shot of the couple holding hands walking while kissing on the Terrace of the Georgian Terrace Hotel

A very soft and sensual kiss between the two love birds

This photo captures the warmth and love of this couple

A very relaxed yet playful shot of the fiancé with folded arms

The couple displaying affection for each other on Peachtree and Ponce in midtown Atlanta


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