Get Your Fiance More Involved With Planning The Wedding

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Your man finally put a ring on it and you can’t contain your excitement. Now the time has come to begin planning your dream wedding but there is one problem. Your fiancé does not seem as thrilled or committed as you thought he would be in helping you plan the wedding.  From my perspective as a newly engaged man, here are 5 tips I suggest to help get your fiancé more involved in the planning of your wedding.

Acknowledge that he SHOULD be involved

The first step includes understanding that your groom should be part of this process. Some women just tell their fiancé to contribute financially and show up on the wedding day. This is a mistake. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the actual event, having a successful marriage requires teamwork. It makes no sense to begin the path towards marriage without having your soul mate working with you throughout the process.

Be clear about your expectations

Tell your fiancé what you expect him to do from the very beginning. You can’t get mad at him if he is not contributing based on what you expected only in your mind. My fiancé and I constantly communicate what we expect from each other in each phase of the process. This has helped our planning tremendously and keeps us on the same page. Don’t expect your man to be super planner overnight. There is a process that may potentially include educating your fiancé about the basic fundamentals about weddings. Don’t assume because you know that we will know. Begin having these conversations early in the process to avoid stressful moments close to the wedding day.

Ask questions

Find out from your fiancé what his vision is for the wedding. The more questions you ask, the more you may discover about his tastes and preferences. At first he may tell you “Whatever makes you happy”.Don’t fall for this answer.  Some of us only say this because we as men have been conditioned to believe that the wedding is all about the bride where in reality it takes two. The bride cannot marry herself. Once we feel like our ideas are taken seriously, you will receive more honest suggestions from us.

Make no decision without input from the groom

With the exception of the wedding dress, all major decisions should be made with input from the groom. If you are making decisions regarding the venue, guest list, wedding colors, without his opinion, this signals to us that you don’t give a damn about what we think. If you don’t care about us, why would we help you plan?

Keep things fun

Yes, I know thousands of dollars are involved with planning a wedding but that doesn’t mean things need to be so serious all the time. 100 percent of your time together should not be wedding talk. There needs to be a balance. When you do set aside time for planning, make sure to relax and enjoy the process.

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