Getting Along on Your Honeymoon

Getting Along on Your Honeymoon

Reprinted from Munaluchi Bridal

You’re finally married!!! The long planning process is over and the stress was absolutely worth it because everything turned out beautifully. You couldn’t be more excited and joyful: you’re married!!! Now, on to the best part: the honeymoon. You’re ready for rest, relaxation, beauty and some loving time with the love of your life. Let the fun begin.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon or vacation time with your spouse can, sometimes, turn out to be less than stellar.  As much as an amazing new environment can bring out the best in both parties and make a couple feel so relaxed, it can also create room for arguments resulting from very varied interests.  Here are some tips to help you keep the love burning as hot as the island sun ;).Honeymoon | Getting Along on Your Honeymoon

  • Explore together: In a new environment, it’s tempting to do what you want to do your way. You might want to see the beach, while he wants to tour the abandoned castles. It’s easy to just ditch him and do what you want. However, always remember that your honeymoon/vacation is about your timetogether. Besides, you’d be amazed at how much you’ll discover about each other’s likes, interests and passions by taking the time to explore together.  You’ll experience things anew through him and he’ll have the same wonderful new experiences because he’s sharing them with you.  This will be bonding at its best.
  • Compromise: So, you don’t mind seeing the abandoned castles but you’d much rather see the beachfirst. On the other hand, he’s been brimming with excitement ever since he heard that there’d be abandoned castles and he just can’t understand why you’re so excited about the beach. After all, you see the beach back home all the time. What’s the hurry? Instead of allowing this to deteriorate into a full-blown argument and insisting that he doesn’t care about you, how about you just compromise? You’ll still get to see what you want to see anyway. Right? Does it really matter who gets to do what s/he wants to do first?
  • Separate: I know I said exploring together and compromising were great ideas – they are! However, sometimes, you just really want to do something he doesn’t want to, or vice versa. So long as you can agree on it, go right ahead and do what you’d rather do.  If shopping holds no appeal for him and his fishing expedition is the last thing on your mind, go your separate ways instead of having a terrible time with each other.  Just make sure that you agree on a time and a place to meet afterwards. (Also, ensure that you feel safe separating as well. If you’re anything like me, you get lost everywhere. Make sure you have your bearings!) When you return and share your (literal or proverbial) treasures, you’ll love the sparkle in each other’s eyes.Honeymoon at the beach Beach | Honeymoon
  • Have an amazing adventure: Do something that you’ve both never done before. If you’ve never been ziplining, do it together! Whatever it is that is appealing (and may be, even a little daunting) is perfect for you two to experience together for the first time. There’s nothing like looking back on a first time experience and laughing at the fact that you did it for the first (and maybe, only time) with the love of your life. Go ahead, live a little!!!
  • Lighten Up: When you’re on a honeymoon or vacation, keep the mood light. So what if you got lost because he swore he knew exactly where he was going? The map doesn’t lie, right? Instead of getting angry or upset, realize that this is a new opportunity for fresh exploration 🙂 Think of it as a chance to see much more than you would have seen otherwise. Who knows? You just might bring that new attitude home with you. Win-win!
  • Apologize: You’re human.  It happened: you argued! Don’t just throw your hands up and declare that your vacation/honeymoon is ruined.  This isn’t “the movies.” Talk about it, apologize, kiss and make up.  If it happens again, just repeat.
  • Be unreasonable: Do something impractical: kiss and dance in the rain, instead of running away from it; sing in the streets like giddy high school children; demand a piggy back ride (or give one). Whatever you do, make sure that you’re a little unreasonable. You’ve earned that right! Besides, you’ll need all the silliness and humor in the world through this lifelong journey called marriage. Get ready for a spectacular ride 🙂 :).
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