Beach Engagement Portraits | Charity & Kareem

Destin Ft. Walton Beach Engagement Session

At their first meeting, Kareem proved to Charity that he was the right man for the job. They met when Kareem serviced Charity’s car. She was impressed with his skill and integrity in fixing her car. He gave her his number to call in the case of car trouble, but when she called, he proved himself to be just as capable with matters of the heart. They went to lunch for their first date and have been dating ever since.

When Charity heard that the Sun Dial in Atlanta was reopening after being remodeled, she wanted to be among the first customers. At the end of a wonderful meal, Charity felt that things could not get any better, but Kareem had other plans. He spoke of his love for her and how he could not see himself with anyone else. Charity was taken completely by surprise when Kareem got down on one knee, pulled out a tiny box and proposed.

Charity and Kareem joined in Destin, FL last fall for their engagement portraits. Later this spring they will return to the beach to exchange vows and I will am looking forward to capturing their love story. Congratulations guys.

Destin Ft. Walton Beach Engagement Session

Destin Ft. Walton Beach Engagement Session

Destin Ft. Walton Beach Engagement Session

Destin Ft. Walton Beach Engagement Session

Destin Ft. Walton Beach Engagement Session

Destin Ft. Walton Beach Engagement Session

Destin Ft. Walton Beach Engagement Session

Destin Ft. Walton Beach Engagement Session

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  1. John Schmidt

    Great photos, you two!

  2. Caryn Ragin

    I love these photos! You two look like models!

  3. Sheila Y Ragin

    Beautiful! May God Bless You Both!

  4. Chryston Jones

    Oooh Niiiice!! Love you!

  5. Mrs. Speed

    You both look amazingly happy! Best wishes.

  6. Michael Washington, Jr.

    Best wishes, guys! 🙂

  7. Bobbie Roundtree

    Beautiful pictures Charity! You guys look like LOVE. 😉 Congratulations to you both!

  8. Ketarya

    You look very happy. I pray your journey together continues to be aligned with God’s best. Best wishes!

  9. Morgan Atkinson

    Great photos! They both look like they were really having fun! Which is ALWAYS the best thing for a shoot!

  10. Daddy Gee

    A beautiful couple. Really proud of you!

  11. Peggy Hutt

    Most beautiful wedding! We wish we could have been able to participate! The photos ARE amazing! And you two look wonderful and PERFECT together. Many blessings to you!

    Lawrence and Peggy

  12. Brenda Smith

    Beautiful Pictures .

  13. Chantell Aden

    Loved the pictures,congrastulations you 2,may God bless you in every way and always Love you much

  14. henry mortimore

    Beautiful, im there chief, congrats!!!!

  15. Ena Samuel Neblett

    Congratulation to my son and his beautiful fiance,I am looking forward to having Charity as my daughter in law and officially a member of my family.

  16. Tanya Hendricks

    Very Nice!!! See why Kareem & Charity picked you!!!!

  17. Natalie Moore

    beautiful pics guys!!!

  18. Caryn Ragin

    I think you two look amazing!

  19. Larrisha

    Beautiful pictures

  20. Susanne

    Love these images!!!!

  21. Athena

    Amazing pictures!!!

  22. Charity

    Thanks everyone for your support. I love these pictures. I can’t wait till the wedding!

  23. Nicole

    Lovely!! True love is wonderful and I happy that you both were able to find each other. It is a blessing. Love you both!

  24. Ayanna

    Hope you all win…very nice!

  25. Ayanna

    Hope you all win…..very nice!

  26. Sandra Raggins Lanier

    Beautiful Pictures. They are very romantic pictures of you both.

  27. Greg Lanier

    Great photos. Best wishes.

  28. Gwen Cooper

    Looking good. The captured moment is timeless.

  29. Deyanna

    The two of you look amazing. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials

  30. Dee Jones

    Love the pics guys!

  31. Shena Morris

    You guys look beautiful together.

  32. Daddy Gee

    Very good looking couple with some original photos!

  33. arcenia fox

    Great looking couple

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    Awesome-looking couple!

  35. J. Fidal Young

    Awesome pics!! Congrats to you both.

  36. Glenn

    True Love is the essence of life and happiness! (Refreshing)

  37. Odessa

    They both look very much in love!

  38. Eileen Hill

    Great pictures!!!

  39. Brother P.J.

    Great Pictures. May Yahweh watch over you and guide you both.

  40. Sylvia A. Brown

    The pics are awesome. Your love shines through!

  41. Pamela Wallace

    What an attractive looking couple. May god bless and keep both of you forever.

  42. Margaret Burris

    I wish you both much happiness through your life together.

  43. Ms. Grady

    May you be as happy 50 years from now as you look like you are today. You make a beautiful couple. I wish you all the happiness and joy that life can bring. May God bless you union.

  44. Zoe Carter

    Beautiful couple! Love and happiness always!

    God bless your union

  45. Peggy P

    May you live long and happily together!

  46. Annie Ragin

    very nice!

  47. Samuel Ragin

    Great Pictures.
    I wish you lots love and happiness

  48. Pamela Wallace

    May the joy of your love always be a light in your path. Pam Wallace

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