Destin Beach Engagement Session | Natoshia and William

Natoshia & William Destin Beach Engagement

Toshia and William first bonded over a party game of Gestures while they were both deployed in Manheim, Germany. At least, that’s how William tells it. He was attracted to Toshia’s wit and intelligence; she was less than impressed by his antics at the game table. It took months for William to figure out how to impress Toshia but he eventually bit the bullet and invited her to dinner. When they met one-on-one he was finally able to show her his charm. When Toshia found the beautiful princess cut diamond engagement ring in her purse, William immediately got on one knee and proposed.

I photographed this beautiful couple a few months back, we had a great time below are some of my favorites from their Destin Beach engagement session.

.B&W Portrait of african american couple sitting on a bench on the beachEngaged couple playing the surf during their Destin Beach EngagementEarly morning walk on the beach, she in a long white sun dress he in white shirt and khaki shorts Couple Silhouetted against a dramatic late evening sky on the beach with sea gulls flying overhead

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