Piedmont Park Engagement Session | Kali & Tommie

Piedmont Park Engagement Session | Kali & Tommie

Little girls often dream of being swept off of their feet by a romantic marriage proposal. Well, Tommie made that dream come through for Kali. They were introduced one evening by a mutual friend at Luckie Food Lounge in Atlanta. Neither of them wanted that first night to end. They talked well into the night after everyone else had left, marveling at their shared interests and principals.

Tommie first asked Kali to marry him when they celebrated New Year’s in 2009. However, a romantic a heart, he decided that for the formal engagement he would sweep his bride-to-be off of her feet. The day began with Kali receiving two letters. In the first letter, Tommie professed his love for his fiancée and described the impact she had on his life. The second letter instructed Kali to be at a certain place at a certain time wearing her favorite dress. Kali was in for a night full of surprises. She was picked up in an executive car and driven into downtown Atlanta where she was escorted to their table at the revolving Sun Dial restaurant on the 72nd floor of the Westin Hotel the second tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the western hemisphere. She and Tommie enjoyed a wonderfully romantic dinner enhanced by a view of the city and a beautiful sunset. (Did Tommie arrange for that as well?). After dinner, Tommie took Kali up to the observatory level of the building, smoothly got down on one knee and presented Kali with her custom designed engagement ring. While the waiter Tommie recruited captured the moment in pictures and the visitors at the observatory applauded Kali finally and excitedly said ‘Yes’.

Kali and Tommie are a ton of fun to be around, their wedding will not be boring. I am so looking forward to it in the spring. We captured these images at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.

Piedmont Park Engagement Session

Piedmont Park Engagement Session

Piedmont Park Engagement Session

Piedmont Park Engagement

Piedmont Park Engagement Session

Piedmont Park Engagement Session

High Museum Engagement Session

High Museum Engagement Session

High Museum Engagement Session

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  1. Felecia Berry

    Great Pictures Tommie!! Best wishes on your upcoming wedding!!

  2. Melissa

    Simply aswesome! Congrats!

  3. LORI

    The pictures are beautiful because the people are beautiful both inside and out:) CONGRATS

  4. Ann

    You two look awesome, and so very happy. May it last forever!

  5. Sherrell

    Congrats the pictures are beautiful!!!!!

  6. Yveschell

    The pictures are GORGEOUS,very excited to witness Kali say I do to Tommie, and Tommie say I do to Kali.

  7. Michelle

    I believe that everyone deserves a chance at finding “true love” and I’m very happy you two have been blessed with each other!

  8. Lisa Ellis

    Beautiful pics!

  9. Kay (Carolyn)

    You guys are made for each other…Picture perfect!

  10. Sara

    The pictures are beautiful, you can really tell you guys are love! Kali, you look amazing, as always!

  11. Janice Anderson

    Congratulations, the pictures are beautiful, God Bess

  12. Eugene

    Both of you all look great. stay happy

  13. Monica

    You two make such a beautiful couple. May God continue to bless the both of you with many, many years of happiness. Love you both!

  14. Tiffany

    Wishing u the best Kali!!

  15. Rashida

    The pictures are AMAZING! You guys look great!

  16. Princess Murphy

    Hey Kali!! These pictures are beautiful!!!! I wish you both all the best!!! God Bless!!

  17. Cynthia

    Congrats Tommie and Kali, may the Lord bless you with many many more….Love Cynthia

  18. Jill Lepley

    Amazing pictures Kali!! You look amazing!

  19. Angie

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my little Kali all grown-up and getting married

  20. Angie

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my little Kali all grown-up and getting married!

  21. Ellen

    So cute! love the photos Kali!

  22. Uncle Lo

    sending a picture of me sticking my finger down my throat. (only kidding). you two are cute, in a sickingly sweet sort of way. May your marriage be at least as successful as a couple of mine were. LOL

  23. Jennifer Vivian

    Hey, guys!!! These are amazing….I wish you 2 all the happiness in the world…We couldn’t have had a more perfect couple dropped in our laps on New Years Eve to help us capture “our” moment! The casual pictorial that you guys provided, with your forethought, will be cherished forever…Thanks again and just continue enjoying the process until the BIG day!! xoxo Jen

  24. Margo

    Great pictures…

  25. Margo

    You guys look great!

  26. Margo

    Great pictures.

  27. Sandra

    Love the photos! can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  28. Jessica

    You two are very photogenic! My faves are 6,7,and 8. Congrats! Your big day is just around the corner!

  29. Mia

    Beautiful pics!

  30. Christine

    The couple is so beautiful and the pictures are awesome. Thanks jaxon for capturing this lovely couple in fabulous style…….

  31. LR Jackson

    Thanks Christine, Kali and Tommie are just delightful.

  32. Melika

    This is so sweet. I love the pictures. You two are a beautiful couple. Wishing you the very best. God bless!!

  33. Angela Jennings

    Love the story, love the pix, love the chemistry!

  34. Tracy Powell

    Wow…Kali & Tommie, your photos are absolutely amazing.

  35. Yvonne Lafayette

    What a beautiful couple!!! Can’t wait to see the babies!!!

  36. Liz

    The pictures are beautiful, God’s Grace, Love and Happiness is my prayer for both of you.

  37. Paula

    Congrats again I’am so happy for you. you guys look great together.

  38. Jenna Bristol

    Awe how pretty and I can’t wait for the weddig!

  39. Reese Harvey

    Wow you guys look like Models what a beautiful couple. Love you guys stay happy and in Love.

    Your Cousin

  40. Muriel Herring

    Love Love Love the pictures!

  41. Jafina

    God bless! Beautiful!!!!

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  43. Tara Turner

    Beautiful! I wish you the best!!

  44. Mona

    wow!!! you guys look great together….kali beautiful as always..

  45. Loretta Tuggle

    May you have a blessed and happy marriage!
    Momma Tuggle

  46. Tara Kennedy

    Kali the Pics are so beautiful love them May God bless both of you guys 🙂

  47. Shelley Davis

    You both look amazing!

  48. DeeDee Coleman

    Kali, I am so happy for you! This day will be a day you will never forget, especially since God has blessed you with the “right” man to share it with. I wish you the best in your marriage and hope that you are as happy as I am! Love ya!

  49. Reshonda

    Hey Tommie,
    The photos of you two are priceless.

  50. Courtenay

    I am so happy for you both!! May God bless your union and bring you many more years of wedded bliss and happiness! These photos truly capture the joining of two souls soon to become one!

  51. Mary Harrison

    Lovely couple and beautiful photos!

  52. Pat Strode

    absolutely beautiful couple

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    Lovely couple the pictures are beautiful. They certainly have my vote!

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    That engagement story is KILLER! I smiled the whole way through! Tommie and Kali, your photos belong in a catalogue somewhere, they are so perfect!

  58. Renee Williams

    Gorgeous pictures of two lovely people!

  59. Kate Brownsey

    Kali…Your story is so lovely! Tommie sounds like a man after my hubby’s heart! The photos are amazing! I took a few minutes and looked at some of their other albums too and it seems these folks cant take a bad picture! Kali, your smile is as bright as ever! Congratulations and I hope you have a beautiful life together with many blessings!

  60. Charity Kassa

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  61. Theresa Providence

    Breathtaken together.Wishing both of you, Love Happinest and Joy. On that special day I Pray the Lord Pour down his Blessing upon both of you.

  62. Tiera

    This power couple ROCKS!

  63. Megan Gray

    Beautiful couple + Gorgeous scenery = AMAZING PICTURES!

  64. Kali

    Thanks everybody for leaving a comment and “liking” our photos. Please keep it going.

  65. DeeDee

    Absolutely beautiful pics! Congrats and may GOD bless your union! Peace and Blessings….

  66. Oreal

    Beautiful pictures

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    Congratulations Kali. I know you are very happy.

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    A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. I pray they have many, many years of happiness. Love you guys and God Bless!

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    Pics are absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to see pics from the wedding party!

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    The wedding was so beautiful, I love u Tommie and Kali!

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    Hey Kali and Tommie the pictures displayed are beautiful. Great job Jaxon!

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    You got are beautiful together, I am so glad to have Kali as my sister and Tommie as my new brother-in-law! Love you guys.

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    Good looking couple, the pics are awesome.

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    Congratulations. You two look beautiful. Perfect love story.

  76. Liz

    Much love to both of you, I was truly honored to share your special day with you. Love you, mean it

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    Beautiful Pictures! Of a Beautiful Couples! Congrats again guys!

  78. Lynn Neal

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! The photographer really knows how to capture just the right shots! Just lovely! I love you both, and with the two of you a life long marriage filled with God’s blessings and His guidance!!!


  79. Lynn Neal

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! The photographer really knows how to capture just the right shots! Just lovely! I love you both, and wish the two of you a life long marriage filled with God’s blessings and His guidance!!!


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    The photo’s compliment your courtship perfectly. I wish you both many many blessings. So proud and happy to have witnessed first hand your love affair. Each photo embodies what you feel for each other. Love it.

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    What a beautiful couple and I am proud that their cousin Angela Howard works with me.

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    I do not know you,but I voted for u.I love the backgound,and the pictures are just beautiful.May God Bless U and your union.

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    These are beautiful engagement pictures of a beautiful couple. It is clear they are in love!

  103. Patricia Strode

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  105. Sara Drum


  106. Sara Drum


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    Toni Mitchell

  111. Toni Mitchell

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    Toni Mitchell

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