Twilight at the mattress factory

Atlanta Woodruff Park Engagement

Kara and Corey | Atlanta Woodruff Park Engagement

Fall engagement session in downtown Atlanta A Woodruff Park engagement photography session would be the perfect fit for city dwellers Kara and Corey. However, to start with, we will need to go way back to how the effervescent Kara met her charming prince back in the days of MySpace.
Kara and Corey’s sister worked at the same place and quickly became good friends. An invitation to her friend’s house for his surprise birthday party was how our couple first met. Fast-forward a few more months, numerous visits to her friend’s home, and many stolen glances at Corey. He decided to step up and take the risk of rejection via a Myspace message. That risk paid off, and today, he is finalizing his wedding plans to the woman of his dreams.

Waterfall at Woodruff Park Atlanta

Ten years and a housewarming proposal

After ten years of dating, the quality inspector was sure beyond doubt of the quality of the woman he’d been dating. As they celebrated at a housewarming party, he quietly asked her dad for Kara’s hand in marriage. Dad approved, and after opening the gifts now, it was her turn. Corey gave a thank you speech that turned into something celebrating relationships. Then, to everyone’s surprise, except him and her dad, he got down on one knee in front of their friends and family and asked for Kara’s hand in marriage. The room grew silent with shock, joy, and excitement as Kara managed to whisper ‘Yes,’ fighting back the tears of joy as her emotions got the better of her.
Woodruff Park engagement photography sessions are popular. We love it because of the many different looks in such proximity. At one moment, you can make it look like a small town park; the next, you are in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

Mattress factory engagement photos
Atlanta City skyline

Twilight at the mattress factory

Mattress Factory Rooftop Engagement Photography

After the energy surrounding the first part of our Woodruff Park photography session, we headed for the rooftop of the Mattress Factory on the edge of downtown. She slipped into a sleeveless red number to complement Corey’s urban chic look. Their efforts resulted in sensual, playful, beautiful images that captured their chemistry. The final image in the series is of the couple kissing as she holds his fedora to partially hide the kiss against the backdrop of the downtown Atlanta skyline with the lingering purple left over from twilight.

We eagerly look forward to documenting more of their love as they exchange their wedding vows this summer. Congratulations to our charming couple, and thank you for choosing Jaxon Photography, a team of Atlanta wedding and portrait photographers, to be a part of your beautiful journey.

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