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Atlanta Engagement Photographers - FAQ

Your engagement session

In addition to being an award-winning Atlanta wedding photographer, Jaxon is also a top Atlanta engagement photographer. The images in this gallery demonstrate the style of our engagement photos, which has been described by potential clients as “tender, romantic, and intimate.” These images showcase locations all over Atlanta, Florida, New York, The Carolinas, Washington DC, and California.

What is an engagement photography session?

An engagement session (also called the pre-wedding session or e-session) is a portrait session of a couple who will be getting married soon. Couples use the resulting images for wall art at their wedding reception, engagement albums, Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, and on their wedding website and social medial pages.

Why have an engagement session?

Take a look at the camera on your mobile phone. It is very likely that you have countless pictures of your significant other on your phone. However, it is equally as likely that you have not taken professional portraits together. Your engagement is an important part of your life journey together and it is fitting that it be professionally documented. The engagement session is a chance for you to express your love for each other in a fun, low-pressure setting.

For us at Jaxon Photography, the engagement session is an opportunity to get to know you as a couple and to understand your personal preferences and style even better. Of all your vendors, your relationship with your photographer will be one of the longest. The engagement portraits will set your mind at ease when you see that your portraits live up to the quality you’ve seen in the samples. You will also become familiar with the directions we will give on your wedding day.

I get an insight on the things we need to pay closer attention to on wedding day.

Preparing for your engagement session

Before your engagement session, we will send you a survey to gather ideas of your preferences for location and portrait style. We like to incorporate some aspect of your life into the session. For example, if you have long-standing ties to Atlanta, you may choose a location that is quintessentially Atlanta; or if you are US Air Force, we may take you to the Aviation Wing at the Marietta Museum.

Engagement session days and times

Sessions are scheduled Monday through Thursdays during the peak of the wedding season. We book them no more than 45 days in advance and they typically start two to three hours before sunset, depending on time of year and the location you choose.

We discourage outdoor sessions in January and February because we don’t shoot when the temperature gets below 45 degrees. From July to August, it’s simply too hot and the weather is too unpredictable to shoot outside.These are general guidelines and we do make exceptions when we can.

What do I wear, bring, should I change my look?

We will consult with you before the session and discussing attire and props will be part of the agenda, however, our overall advice is simple, be yourself.

If you want to try a new hairstyle, give yourself enough time (we suggest a week or more) to get comfortable with it and to adjust or redo it if necessary. As far as clothing, we advise that you stay away from anything too trendy. We want you to enjoy these photos for a lifetime, and fashion that looks good today may not seem quite as appropriate a few months or years in the future. Go for the classic outfits that make you feel good; these tend to age well. The same advice applies to fancy props, you may tire of them soon.

We want you to look and feel like yourself, that’s when the real you shines. You will be happy with the resulting photographs and so will we.

May we add our kids or furry friends?

We welcome the opportunity create a new portrait for couples who are expanding and blending their families. The same applies to additions of the four-legged kind as well.

Day of session notes

Over the years we have compiled an experience-based list of suggestions to make your engagement session go more smoothly. Here is the quick version: Traffic in the city can get crazy, so budget extra time. Bring along a pair of comfy shoes, you may have to walk a bit. Our shooting locations will take you away from your vehicle, so a bag with some of your essential items will be helpful. This might include make-up, jewelry, a hairbrush, napkins, and water. Most of our clients plan a change of outfit, however you can also alter the look of an outfit with a scarf, sweater, or jacket. Yes, we help you with posing; our hope is the more trust you have in us, the less hesitant you will be about displaying your affection.

Destination Engagement Photographers

We have been photographing beach engagement sessions in Destin - Ft. Walton Beach area, Savannah, and Tybee Island for over a decade. This began as a way to give our clients more options for their engagement portraits and we continue to choose these venues because the opportunities for unbelievably exceptional images are unlimited. We usually photograph on the beach in early spring and late fall each year. Both sunrise and sunset sessions on the beach produce incredible photographs, and options for varied settings abound in the surrounding towns. These slots are limited and fill up quickly, so if this is what you want, please let us know as soon as possible.

How long, how many, and when?

We ask that you allocate one to two hours for your engagement photo shoot. On average you will see 50-125 images in 5-10 days after the session.

Can you make ‘Save the Date’ cards from the engagement pictures?

Yes, we can. Also, We offer Engagement Albums, ‘Save the Date’ cards, Magnets, Invitations, (if you do an engagement session with us) and ‘Thank You’ cards in a wide range of design options.

When will I see my photos?

Engagement session images are available with in 5-10. We will post them to an online gallery. The preview images are edited (i.e. we perform color correcting, lightening or darkening, cropping (very liberal) and adding or subtracting contrast), but not retouched. The image gallery will be live for 14 days.

Will my images be retouched?

Previews are not retouched (photoshop) only purchased prints and images for your albums are. We do not do extreme ‘photoshopping,’ that looks unrealistic or dramatically changes the beautiful reality of your wedding day.

Will my guests be able to view and purchase pictures?

This will be entirely within your control. We will only share the site’s address and password with you, however, you are welcome to share it with others.

Will we have access to high resolution files of the engagement images?

There is a purchase upgrade for this option, and with this you receive a release to make copies in any size or format for personal reproduction purposes. Note, however, that the images have been optimized for printing at our professional lab, so for best results, we recommend purchasing prints and other products through us.

I’m ready to hire Jaxon Photography. What’s the next step?

We advise clients to book early to avoid disappointment, so retain us as soon as you have confirmed the date and secured the wedding venue. Holidays and special dates are very popular so they tend to get booked very early.

Engagement photography cost?

We have a range of engagement photography options For information about the description and pricing of these packages and options, click here.

Online Gallery Hosting Policy | Engagement Sessions

We host our Engagement Session Images in an online gallery for sixty (60) days.

This is not the deadline for selecting your images but the hosting period before the files are removed from our online database and then archived.

Other hosting deadlines are below:

Weddings 180 days

Engagement 60 days

Portraits, Families or Individuals 60 Days

Professional Headshots | Portraits 60 days

You may request a complimentary one-time extension of fourteen (14) days.

This request may be made before the expiration but no more than five days after the expiration of your gallery.

To repost your engagement gallery (image files) after the time is exhausted, there is a fee of $50.

This will be for no more than 15 days of hosting.

You will receive a complimentary credit for the fee paid for orders made from the gallery within fourteen days of the reposting. There is no credit for the reposting fee made for image selection purposes only.

We hope our Engagement FAQs have been helpful, please reach out to us via email or phone if we can help further. We are available for phone and email, office visits Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 8pm by appointment only.

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