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About me Livingstone

I grew up on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, part of the twin island state of St. Kitts and Nevis. I purchased my first camera while I was in high school. The bug bit a few years earlier when my uncle introduced me to photography, and I focused on photographing the landscape and animals on the islands. I was too shy and reserved to photograph people then and used my camera as a buffer from the world.

I began my career in general photography, and once I started photographing weddings, my life changed. I love a wedding day's beauty, romance, and emotions. Capturing the charged atmosphere of a dressing room as the bride and her party prepare and seeing their emotions evolve as the wedding start time approaches is remarkable and never gets old. Conveying moments in photographs, like the immense range of a bride's feelings and her parents fighting back the tears just before she's escorted down the aisle, is priceless.

For me photographing a wedding is akin to conducting a symphony with participants only sometimes reading from the same music sheet. However, this is where I do my best work. These situations push me to think differently and catalyze growth and creativity. Spending many hours with a bride and groom on one of the happiest and sometimes the most stressful days of their lives has taught me patience and given me valuable insight into the human psyche. My experience and my knowledge that each calamity will dissipate into white noise as the day progresses lead to my being a calming presence on what is sometimes a chaotic day.

An exceptional wedding photographer needs the insight of a psychologist, the creativity of an artist, and the time management skills of an excellent event coordinator. I am here to perform these tasks while being almost invisible because I should never be the story.

My Happy Spaces

I am relaxing in a hammock poolside at Occidental Xcaret in the jungle outside Tulum, Mexico; Bob Marley's "Live" album is piping through my headphones, drowning out the world.

Daydreaming at the Warf in San Francisco with my windbreaker handy.

Two dozen charbroiled oysters and a cold beer at Dragos Seafood Restaurant, New Orleans.

Moonless, cloudless night in St. Kitts looking at a diamond-studded sky.

Photographing early morning revelers during Sugar Mas (St. Kitts-Nevis Carnival)

Photographing a wedding anywhere in the world.

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