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Why Hire one of Atlanta's Best Wedding Photographers

Why Choose Jaxon Photography? - Our calm, tranquil approach, our consistent dependability, our innovativeness, etc...

Tranquility Matters

Everything can change instantly at a wedding. I project patience when that happens. A positive mindset helps us solve wedding-day speed bumps. You can enjoy your wedding in ways you have never imagined. Developing an easy photography schedule is the first step. People don't want to rush from place to place on their wedding day. Helping you create a plan makes accomplishing and avoiding the unexpected easier. I seek ways to effect positive change and address the issue, even if it is not directly related to your photography, so it doesn't end up on your radar. My priority is your happiness; your photos will reflect that if you are happy. A family member or a stressful situation can shift your mood. It is essential to find the best solution to mitigate these situations. Ensuring your happiness and the satisfaction of your guests is my goal. On your wedding day, what's important is that you 'exchange vows' with the one you love and celebrate with your family and friends. Everything else is a bonus if you say "I do!" to your family and friends.

Consistent Dependability

Consistent: def. steadfast adherence to the same principles,

Dependability: def. trustworthiness or constancy

When it comes to wedding photography, your dependability as photographer matters and my ability to consistently deliver for my clients is essential. The client is expecting deliverables consistent with your portfolio. Creativity follows inspiration. It's possible to find inspiration every minute of a wedding. Consistency is vital at weddings from when I arrive until I depart. From the getting ready photographs to wedding party pictures to couple's portraits to the ceremony documentation to family portraits to your reception, no one part of your wedding day deserves less photographic attention or skill than another. I have mastered a broad range of photography skills, most notably the ability to create great images under challenging conditions. Difficulty conditions may be related to location or lighting. I am uniquely qualified to make great photos because of my deep experience. It takes lots of work to be consistent. It's easier to judge consistency with examples. With that in mind, I have shared hundreds of photographs on my website allowing you to consider that consistent dependability for yourself.


Innovation transcends traditional patterns. Photography is both good and unique. I embrace creativity and capture unforgettable imagery as your photographer. Inspiration is innovation's fuel. I seek out inspiration instead of waiting. Creativity may never happen if I wait for inspiration. It could arrive when it's no longer needed. What matters most is the first step. I will ask you what you want. I listen to deeper meanings in your words when you share that information. When I create your photographs, I will think about what you've shared and what I would want if I were you. I will deliver those photographs. When I am behind the camera taking pictures, my attention is singular. I focus on creating a great photograph one photo at a time. Outside of your wedding day, I seek innovative ideas through art and photography. I will peruse, study, and ponder. I judge photography contests, visit museums, monitor social media, and create vision boards. Professional development is the genesis of my creativity. I attend conferences throughout the year where I study under peers. I'm always open to suggestions. Whether that suggestion comes from you, my second photographer, another photographer, or a bystander, I never dismiss ideas out of hand. One of my goals is to deliver work that is better than what I did last at my last wedding.


There is a cultural mix of friends, family, strangers, and vendors at weddings. Individual needs and expectations are what each person has. My go-to tool for such occasions is kindness and thoughtfulness. Like me, everyone wants to be treated with respect and courtesy. I will help to ensure that everyone is happy and content on your wedding day, at least where my photography is concerned. I use listening, attentiveness, respect, and politeness a lot; however, I am assertive when needed. I am always supportive and never criticize. Your wedding photographer is also a reflection of you.


We use the best professional equipment to photograph your event. My second photographer and I both carry two camera bodies, numerous professional lenses, and flashes. There is also lots of additional backup gear. I spend a lot on my photography equipment, and I will have $20,000+ in camera equipment for your wedding. I can use this equipment to create unique photographs in challenging lighting conditions. I know how to use my equipment best because of my deep wedding photography experience.


Over the years, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and worked at hundreds of venues in challenging lighting situations and under different weather conditions. One of my strengths is that I can manage a wide range of rapidly changing situations on your wedding day and still create unique photographs. I will make you feel good about being photographed. You do not need. It's my job to help you look and feel amazing when you're being photographed. Poses will be easy and painless. 100,000+ photographs will be created each year by me as an experienced camera operator. My cameras and lighting equipment have become extensions of my body during my career. I view a scene and adjust my equipment without thinking about camera adjustments or lighting situations. As they happen, I will capture them. Wedding details that may be lost forever depend on skills born of experience. My wedding photography portfolio shows my skills as a photographer.


I use time-tested systems to help you anticipate, organize, and prepare for your wedding. If you've been to my website, you already know that. Nobody likes surprises or disappointment. You will never face the unexpected if you consider every detail. We will have planned meetings in person and communications via email, phone, and text to make sure you are aware of what's happening next. The organization I have created will blow your mind. When preparing your schedule, we'll make a family photo list, backup plans, a photographic mood board, and other details. If you're up for it, we'll create unique photo ideas that capture your passions and personality. I will carefully explain the pros and cons of every decision, working as your guide when you need one and your cheerleader when you don't. On your wedding day, planning is always essential. Careful planning before your event gives us room to be flexible, adaptable, and spontaneous so you can have a wonderful time at your wedding.


When you hire me, your wedding is the most important date on my calendar. My focus is to create beautiful photos of you and your guests. Precautions that anticipate potential issues and mitigate adverse outcomes. I will start preparing weeks before your wedding, which helps ensure success and reduces stress. I focus on planning, working closely with other vendors, educating myself, and ensuring we have a plan B for everything related to wedding-day coverage. We will review your wedding-day details during our final meeting. We'll confirm your schedule, discuss your family photos, and talk through everything. You will know what to expect. The day before your wedding, I will double-check my equipment.


The most frustrating thing about contacting a business is waiting for a reply. You will never feel that frustration with my studio, I am incredibly responsive and connected. You will be my most important client if I treat you like my most important client.

Let's test it out. Contact me today!


I have received hundreds of 5-star reviews on every top review website. Since most people never leave reviews, the sheer number of overwhelmingly positive comments reflects my excellent customer service and commitment to delivering amazing photographs. Concrete feedback from real clients should help you feel better about choosing me for your wedding, especially when you are investing so much.

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