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Wedding Day Itinerary

Photographer's Wedding Day Itinerary

Below are some wedding day asks, to help prepare for your wedding day.

Pre-Ceremony (1-2 hours)

Hair and Makeup

The process of getting ready for your wedding takes a lot longer than you think - especially the hair and makeup part of the getting-ready process, so please consider that.

To First Look or Not

We do not recommend a 'first look.'

You will need to get ready a lot earlier if you wish to please prepare to add 15-20 minutes to the timeline.

Pre-Ceremony Wedding Party Portraits

We do not recommend a formal portrait session of the wedding party before the ceremony.

Our reason:

i: If anyone is late, it throws everything sideways.

ii: You will need to start getting ready earlier.

However, if you wish to do so, please be prepared to get ready 1.5-2hrs earlier.

What Do We Do Pre-Ceremony

The pre-ceremony session involves photographing the bride and her party as well as the groom and his party getting ready in the dressing area; these are more documentary in nature. How much we can cover depends primarily on the quality of the dressing area and the time the respective party is available to our photographers.

If your facility does not have a designated space, like a Bridal Suite and Groom's Lounge, I strongly recommend using a nearby hotel. The photographs tend to have a cleaner look than when using a classroom or an office.

We also get detailed pictures of the dress, suit, jewelry, shoes, etc..

If there is time, some fun pictures of the party as you leave for the ceremony.

When putting together your wedding day timeline, we strongly encourage that you share this itinerary with your event planner.

We will need sixty to ninety minutes for pre-ceremony photographs, starting at least two hours before the wedding's start time.


We need about 15-20 minutes for photographs of the couple at the reception facility Please share any unique send-off plans with us so that we may prepare.
Please send us a copy of your wedding itinerary ten days before the wedding (a rough draft will work)

Post Ceremony Photographs (40-55 minutes depending on the size of party)

To expedite the post-ceremony photography session, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you request the following individuals DO NOT LEAVE the ceremony area. If these individuals are not available, we may not be able to get a photograph of them. (Immediate Family Members, any other special guests, Parents of the Bride and Groom (including step-parents), Grand Parents, wedding Party.

We PROHIBIT photography during the post-ceremony portrait session; please inform guests.

The session will proceed with the couple and the listed as follows. The Officiant | Hostesses, and Ushers | Extended Family | Immediate Family Members

Any other special request | Parents of the Bride and Groom (including step-parents) Grand Parents both sides | Wedding Party | Bride and Groom


The schedule dictates the reception coverage for the night. However, we like to have the couple (only) for 15 minutes to create additional images around the facility.

First Dance

I strongly encourage you to practice a dance for your wedding and get your guests involved. An actual dance is much more engaging visually than a couple standing on

the floor, patiently waiting for the song to end.


Please inform us if there are plans for a unique send-off.

Items we need

Please provide us with a copy of your Invitation, Program and Menu cards.

These are general guidelines. However, we realize your wedding is unique. So please share as much as possible to help us design the wedding day coverage you deserve.

We look forward to serving you.

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