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Questions for Wedding Venues

Questions to ask Wedding Venues before you sign

Will we have full access to the venue and grounds?

Some Event facilities are not entirely open with you asking this question. They say things like, "you are the only one booked for that day." Please ask about their policy and get it in writing. We had to console frustrated brides when the event the manager's understanding of the policy conflicts with what the couple thought they heard. Answers like "that salesperson no longer works with us."

Often the bride plans for photography are stymied because another wedding is going on at the time. You chose that venue for a reason, and if you aren't allowed to use the spaces as you envisioned, it causes unnecessary stress. When you ask the question, get the answer added to your agreement before you sign.

Getting Ready in SepiaDo you host more than one wedding at a time?

Some facilities have multiple weddings running at one time, and some are better at managing those dynamics than others. Having numerous weddings at a facility presents unique problems for the staff of the facility and a balancing act for the wedding parties and their guests. Sales staff and banquet managers are sometimes are not on the same page. If the wedding ahead of you is running behind for whatever reason, it could cause severe headaches for you. Our advice is to try and get the last time slot of the day. However, whatever is agreed upon verbally get it in writing.

Will my food be fresh?

Most wedding vendors are hard-working, honest people who want you to have the wedding of your dreams. Ever so often, we come across some who seem to be having a bad day. Request referrals for review. Leftover sirloin from yesterday's wedding isn't as tasty.

How many waitstaff will be assigned to each table?

This little detail is often overlooked, but please don't leave this one to chance. If one waiter is responsible for two tables of ten people, how responsive can that person be to everyone's needs? Will your guests have an extended wait for a drink or a spoon? Will the other guests let their food get cold while they wait for the utensils to be delivered?

Lack of attention to this little detail could leave a not so sweet taste on your guest's palate.

Why do you use preferred vendors?

Though often overlooked, this is an important question to ask and one the facility prefers you don't'. The likely answer is, "we know the best vendors." Really? I am confident they know the perfect vendors, and they are all a great match for you.

If you have to hire, event venues' preferred vendors take a long hard look. Your wedding is different, and you are a unique individual. This is not the time for one size fits all. I am sure the photographer knows all the best places to shoot, and the lighting people know precisely where to place the lights. However, the one thing they neglected to tell you about is the kickback they may receive from each of these perfect vendors.

What happens if I must postpone my wedding?

The wedding industry has a finite number of days for weddings each year. Hence some parts of the agreements are less flexible than you may like. However, it is your responsibility to ask about said policy and get the answer included in your agreement before signing.

Our Take...

Most wedding vendors are hard-working professionals who want your day to be just the way you planned. We, as industry experts, do this many times per year, and there are times, could overlook little details. Do your due diligence and ask the questions. We would all like your day to be perfect, that's part of our job.

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