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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jaxon Photography?

The Atlanta Wedding photographers at Jaxon Photography document wedding stories masterfully. To ensure that you are confident in our ability to meet and exceed expectations for your wedding photography, we have listed the most common questions potential clients ask about our wedding and engagement photography services. Feel free to contact us if your questions are not answered here.

What is your Wedding Photography Philosophy?

Weddings are a cornucopia of magical moments: romance, the joining of two families, merging of age-old traditions and building of new ones, the first look the groom has of the woman about to become his wife, and the celebration afterward. As wedding photographers, we understand that every wedding has its own story and our experience has led us to perfecting wedding storytelling.

We create coffee table-style albums that combine the unique experience of your wedding with photojournalism, timeless portraiture, and artistic photography.

To achieve this, we begin with a consultation during which we discuss your interests and style and get to know you better. This way, before we even pick up a camera, we uncover subtle details about your story and better understand your preferences and dislikes. In addition, by making this connection with you, we elicit the trust and candidness that lead to amazing wedding photographs.

Whether you are planning a large formal wedding, a casual event, or a small intimate gathering, we bring the same professional care and attention to capturing photographs that will delight you. On your big day, our wedding photography professionals do whatever is necessary to portray the best and truest story for you. Some of the more detailed images throughout the day may require a more artistic touch, but we will use our intuition and professional experience to capture each moment perfectly. We shoot quickly so you can enjoy your day, however, we will step in when necessary to ask you to move into more flattering light or positions.

How experienced are you really?

Jaxon Photography has photographed over 600 weddings in the United States and internationally. Our photographers have consistently received recognition from wedding industry experts and our wedding photography has been featured in a myriad of publications. Our clients have voted us as the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award every year since 2009, a clear indication that we are achieving our goal of capturing wedding days in a way that exceeds our customers’ highest expectations.

Do you photograph same-sex weddings?

Absolutely. We are happy when anyone finds love and we celebrate and capture the story of lovers at every opportunity.

Have you shot my location?

While we photograph weddings around the world, we are Atlanta-based wedding photographers. If your venue is in Atlanta or its environs, we are probably intimately familiar with your location. Some other Georgia cities where we have worked extensively include nearby Rome, the relaxed scene in Savannah, the riverside of Augusta, and the historical backdrop of Athens.

Because of our extensive experience at locations in Georgia and beyond, we can advise you on sites that work well for engagement and wedding photographs, especially in terms of permits, transportation time, restrictions, and so on. This sort of advice can mean the difference between an enjoyable day of capturing romantic images and a frustrating experience struggling with traffic and more.

Are you a Destination Wedding Photographer?

Yes. In addition to photographing weddings throughout the US, we have been honored to document weddings in the Caribbean and Mexico. From to lush landscape of forests on the Yucatan Peninsula; to the beachside at Occidental Grand Xcaret, Playa del Carmen; to the idyllic surroundings at the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, we have captured it all and we are ready to follow you to photograph your wedding adventure.

What type of photography equipment do you use?

The real secret behind the amazing images Jaxon photographers produce is our vision, creativity, and experience. However, by using professional equipment with which we are intimately familiar, we ensure your wedding photographs are impeccable. We use the Canon professional range with a minimum of two digital camera bodies and flashes, as well as a wide assortment of lenses, tripods, reflectors, and other accessories. All our photographers have similar equipment and we always have a full set of back-up gear.

Do you offer videography?

While they are obviously closely linked, videography and photography are very different art forms, and focusing on photography allows us to perfect that craft. We don’t have videographers on staff, however, we do partner with some amazing professionals who share our philosophy regarding quality, creativity, and customer service.

What can I expect on my wedding day?

In our initial meeting and subsequent discussions after you choose Jaxon Photography for your wedding photography needs, we will collaborate with you to design a detailed plan based on your vision for your day and our experience as wedding photographers.

When will the photography begin?

We recommend that photography begin a minimum of two and a half hours before the wedding is scheduled to start. This gives us an opportunity to discretely photograph your preparation for the day and special moments with your family. We can also make sure to capture the details you meticulously selected to make your wedding celebration a unique reflection of your style. We will, however, do what makes you most comfortable.

Do you take bridal portraits?

Yes, we do offer wedding day bridal portraits. Simply choose this option when you design your photography package and we will include these photos in your wedding day schedule.

What about family and wedding party formals?

Weddings frequently unite family members and close friends who are not often in the same place at the same time. What better time to capture images that reflect their love and support and will become a memorialization of cherished memories. While our candid wedding photographs are the ones that are likely to become your favorites, traditional wedding party and family formals will become an invaluable record of your day and we suggest scheduling a defined time slot on your wedding day schedule for taking these.

How long will you be at our wedding?

The ideal length of photography coverage will depend on several factors, including but not limited to, the size of the wedding party and family, the number of locations we are photographing, and the projected length of the ceremony and reception. Typical wedding day coverage for our couples is eight hours. This leaves enough time to include ample images of elements such as photography of details, formals, and pre-ceremony and reception candids, however, you choose the amount of photography coverage you want. We suggest a minimum of six hours to tell the story of your day.

Based on your decision, we will provide you with an itinerary so that you know what to expect.

Is there a limit on the number of pictures you take at the wedding?

No, there is no limit to the number of pictures we take. The number of proof (previews) we deliver is determined by the activities at the wedding and the time of coverage. On average, you will see 75-125 previews for each hour of coverage.

Can my guests take pictures at the wedding?

Yes. However, during the family portrait session immediately following the wedding ceremony, we ask that only the official photographers take pictures. We will be working quickly to ensure that the wedding experience continues as soon as possible and so we prefer to minimize distractions and interruptions. Your family and friends are welcome to take pictures at all other moments of your wedding day.

Are you open to my suggestions?

Absolutely, your contribution is encouraged. At any time feel free to reach out to us via email or phone with your questions or suggestions. We recommend a phone consultation ten days prior to your wedding day to discuss any last-minute details. In addition, our photographers will happily accommodate shot requests on your wedding day.

The Final Product

When will I see my photos?

We understand you will want to view and share the photographs of your special day as quickly as possible. As a result, we make every effort to get them to you promptly while ensuring we take the time necessary to edit them to show them at their best. We will post your images to an online gallery within 21-35 days of your wedding day. The preview images are edited (i.e. we perform color-correcting, lightening or darkening, cropping (very liberal), and adding or subtracting contrast), but not retouched.

The image gallery will be live for 60 days and you will have 45 days to decide on the selection for your wedding album.

Will my images be retouched?

While we take the time on your wedding day to shoot you in the best light, at the best angles, and with a minimum of distracting elements, we also retouch (photoshop) all the images for purchased prints and albums in the studio as well as it brings the photographers’ vision to life. We do not do extreme ‘photoshopping’ that looks unrealistic or dramatically changes the beautiful reality of your wedding day.

Will my guests be able to view and purchase pictures?

This will be entirely within your control. We will only share the site’s address and password with you, however, you are welcome to share it with others.

What about my album?

In addition to choosing your favorite photographs for the final album, you will also select the type of album for your photographic journal. We carry flush mount or coffee table albums. Note that you can choose to include sepia-toned and black-and-white images in the final album. Just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your requests.

Once you make your choices, we will post the design online through our secure web portal. You will have 10 days to review it and request any changes after which we begin album production. The finished product will be available 6-8 weeks after the start of its production.

Will we have access to high-resolution files of the wedding images?

All our wedding photography packages include your high-resolution image files. With this, you receive a release to make copies in any size or format for personal reproduction purposes. Note, however, that the images have been optimized for printing at our professional lab, so for best results, we recommend purchasing prints and other products through us.

What other photographic products do you offer?

We offer ‘Save the Date’ cards, magnets, invitations, (if you do an engagement session), and ‘Thank You’ cards in a range of design options.

I’m ready to hire Jaxon Photography. What’s the next step?

We advise clients to book early to avoid disappointment, so retain us as soon as you have confirmed the date and secured the wedding venue. Holidays and special dates are very popular so they tend to get booked very early.

What will our wedding photography cost?

At Jaxon Photography we understand that each wedding we photograph is different and every couple has their own vision for this important day. As a result, we have a range of wedding photography packages to suit every requirement and budget and they are all customizable. If you cannot find a photography package that fits your requirements, we can design a package just for you. For information about the description and pricing of these packages and options, click here.

How do I confirm your services?

Our payment policies are flexible, however, we require a retainer to secure our services. The balance is due one month before the wedding date. Installments payment plans are also available. We accept cash, check, or credit cards (Through PayPal online.).

If you are not sure what package you would like to choose, we recommend choosing the smallest package that will meet your needs and lock in your date. You can then add options or upgrade the package at any time. For obvious reasons payments are nonrefundable.

Wedding Online Gallery Hosting Policy

We host our online wedding galleries for 180 days.

Please note that these are not the deadlines for selecting your images for your albums but the hosting period before the files are removed from our online database and then archived.

Other hosting periods are listed below:

Weddings 180 days

Engagement 60 days

Portraits, Families or Individuals 60 Days

Professional Headshots | Portraits 60 days

You may request a complimentary one-time extension of fourteen (14) days.

This request may be made before the expiration but no more than five days after the expiration of your gallery.

To repost your wedding gallery (image files) after the times above are exhausted, the fee is $50.

This will be for no more than 15 days of hosting.

You will receive a complimentary credit for the fee paid for orders made from the gallery within fourteen days of reposting. There is no credit for the reposting fee made for image selection purposes only.

We hope our FAQs have been helpful, please reach out to us via email or phone if we can help further. We are available for phone and office visits Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 8pm by appointment only.

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